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Indian Express

Jugaad Indian Cuisine
Jugaad Indian Cuisine
About Jugaad

At Jugaad Indian Express, We Proudly Embrace The 'Jugaad' Spirit

Just as 'jugaad' embodies the values of innovation and resourcefulness, we incorporate these principles into every facet of our culinary enterprise. Our culinary artistry revolves around seamlessly integrating the vibrant flavors of India with beloved Canadian classics, meticulously selecting the finest ingredients and employing innovative culinary techniques. In the same spirit as 'jugaad,' where resourcefulness is key, we are committed to delivering a tantalizing fusion of flavors that is both gratifying and inventive. We invite you to join us in commemorating the 'jugaad' spirit with each delightful bite at Jugaad Indian Express.

Jugaad Specials

Indian Flavoured Wings




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